Our new building at 11/13 Burelli Street Wollongong began as the car park belonging to our building, across the road at 16 Burelli Street. A local developer, Belmorgan offered to buy our old building, as he wanted the full block for a major project, and the agreed to build us a church to our design. on what was then our car park acroos the road, in exchange for our old premises. Unfortunately part way through construction Belmorgan went into receivership, and work stopped for a year, while they sorted out the legal aspects. Then another local developer, Camarda and Cantrill took over our building project ,and another developer took over the old building, demoplishing it along with everything else on that block, and building a major residential building. Now browse on and see the building grow.
Our car park before work began, in February 2006, and the view from Stewart Street, which became the entrance to our new building car park
In March they began digging down into the site, then by July 2006, prefabricated walls appeared
Basement walls are all up, and rain began. The site flooded to about a metre. Note the graffiti guys did some work too
By October 2007 the rain ended, and formwork was placed to allow a concrete floor. Then it was a major task to pour a floor slab
Most of the walls were poured concrete using the vacant block next to the old building, then they were lifting into place overnight on February 26 2008, to avoid disruption street traffic
By the next morning most of the walls were in place and needed fixing into place. Jump ahead to July 2008, and the roof is on
Around now Belmorgan vanished, and after a long legal wait, work began again. A first priority was to replace the roof with a roof of the correct quality for a building near the sea. Is this indicative of why Belmorgan no longer worked on our building?
Now we are looking inside the building. CAn you identify these two locations?
This indicates the large amount of electrical wiring installed in the building. Below is the final building, which we moved into on Christmas Day 2011