First some nostalgia pictures of the last days in the old building at 16 Burelli Street. The platform has vanished, and work was done during the week up to 18 December 2011. That date was the final date in that building, and there were a number of special segments during the final meeting
A lot of work was done after that final meeting. Then follows the first meeting in the new building, on Christmas day 2011, and the grand opening event on March 17 2012.
Enjoy these pictures ! Many thanks to Lloyd Price and his library of 300 pictures
During the final meeting, all sections took part, here are the timbrels, followed by the songsters
The band played, and notice they are not on a platform. Where did it go? The Junior Soldiers sang to us
Morning tea after the meeting, then the work began, moving to the new building. Dave Price supervised!
Moving the grand piano was a special task, and the old hall is looking a bit empty now
Christmas morning 2011, the first service in the new building,and the Junior Singing company sang to us
March 17 2012, the grand opening event. We had a massed timbrel presentation, then the band played our own march,"Wollongong Citadel"
Some of the very large congregation after the opening ceremony, and of course, the Opening plaque